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  • Creative formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG WebP, Video, Audio and HTML5 formats (individual or as zip files)

  • 3rd party tags and tag-sheets (generic and customized formats, VAST)

  • Native ad templates

  • Profile-driven validation with error and warning levels

  • Entry of click-through linksĀ and descriptions

  • White- and blacklisting of allowed links

  • Detection of auto redirects

  • Create line items and upload creatives to Google Ad Manager, Appnexus and FreeWheel

  • Setup mapping of formats to sizes


  • Interfaces available for ad solutions from LineUp, ADvendio, Operative, Tieto, Atex (Enterprise and Genera), CCI, Naviga, SAP and Zeno (Others available on request)

  • Generic AdsML/XML based integration

  • Optional data and status write-back to various solutions


  • Accepts assets, production files (native files) with version tracking

  • Asset formats: All common graphic file formats

  • Production file template library on product and customer level

  • Direct access or packaged job folder download

  • Production app plugins (Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop)

  • Add and annotate visuals

  • Check in of assets from InDesign

  • Check out/Check in feature on folder level for any file-based authoring tool

  • Automatic order, customer and usage tagging of assets

  • Customizable categories and type

  • Automatic and manual time tracking

  • Internal/external soft proofing with annotations on any creative

  • Internal and external notes

  • Handling of Composite orders (mother/child orders)

  • Automatic and manual production partner assignment

  • Create manual production orders with material specifications for print and digital formats

  • Automatic and manual ad pickups

  • Automatic and manual cropping/scaling

Workflow automation

  • Automatic status updates

  • Setup scheduling of email material requests, proof alerts and reminders in accordance with deadlines

  • Set up auto approve schemes with internal and external approval

  • Set up individual email schemes based on order properties

  • Set up branded email templates

  • Track workflow activity on creative level