PLANPOINT Functional Fact Sheet




Latest revision

January 2022

Document prerequisites

Some functionalities may not be available due to optional licensing or configuration limitations. Limitations in data available from other systems may also limit PLANPOINT functionality.

The document is subject to change without notice.


User interface

  • Rich Java interface launched from any modern web browser

  • HTML interface for view only

  • Support for English, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish

  • Integrated language workbench for individual translations

  • User or group specific data column settings

  • User specific tabs

  • Quick search for free-text searches

  • Advanced filtering and possibility to share filters

  • User settings restored on login

  • User and group management with permission settings

  • Integration with leading federation services

Ad Input channels and formats

  • Input via local and network folders, FTP and S3 buckets

  • Uploads via ADPOINT (optional)

  • Ad formats: PDF and EPS

Ad system integration

  • Interfaces available for ad solutions from LineUp, ADvendio, Operative, Tieto, Atex, CCI, Naviga, SAP and Zeno (Others available on request)

  • Generic AdsML/XML based integration

  • Optional data and status write-back to various solutions

Ad planning

  • Publication tree to select production, section and zone

  • Run lists showing ROP/Display ads and classifieds for selected publication

  • Add and delete pages in production

  • Place double-truck ads on true and false spreads

  • Setup of mapping of placement codes to publication departments

  • Save publications as templates

  • Create reserved areas

  • Support for zoned publications with shared pages and parent/child inheritance

  • Lock/unlock pages and placed ads

  • Assign planners on page level

  • Save snapshots to compare plans

  • Set up page templates with formats, columns, pagination

ROP/Display ad placement

  • Automatic float ROP/Display ads to pages honoring placement codes, premiums, max. coverage, full-page overrides, branch codes, guaranteed and preferred placements

  • Stacking algorithms for triangles and stacks, vertical space and inter-ad lines

  • Manual drag and drop touch ups via grid or freely

  • Support for stand-by ads

  • Warning for placing ads outside their assigned departments

Classified ad placement

  • 4 classification levels

  • Multiple sort orders

  • Column and square-off placement algorithms

  • Automatic and manual placement of category and sub category headers

  • Manual adjustments via grid assisted drag and drop

  • Manual changing of square-off areas

  • Vertical space settings and column justification


  • Drag and drop placement of filles

  • Import of EPS and PDF files as fillers

  • Categorized filler library with expiry

Publication- and page export

  • Export available for editorial solutions from Atex, Eidos, Naviga, Socho_IT, TownNews 
    (Others available on request)

  • Generic XML based export

  • Release one or more pages

  • Automatic folio generation

  • Support for bleed ads

  • Assign editorial departments for plan mapping

  • Direct PDF export

  • Direct creation of single and multi-page documents for Adobe InDesign (.indd)

Dashboards and reporting

  • Configurable dashboards

  • Database access

  • Jasper report interface

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